Solar water pumps (photovoltaic water pumps)

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Advantages: simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, wide range of applications

It is an ideal green energy system integrating economy, reliability and environmental protection benefits.

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Solar water pumps (also known as photovoltaic water pumps) are the most attractive way of water supply in sunny areas in the world, especially in remote areas without electricity. Using the available and inexhaustible solar energy, the system automatically Work out, rest at sunset, no need for personnel to guard, maintenance workload can be minimized, it is an ideal green energy system integrating economy, reliability and environmental protection benefits.

own advantages

(1) Reliable: PV power rarely uses moving parts and works reliably.

(2) Safe, no noise, no other public hazards. It does not produce any solid, liquid and gaseous harmful substances, and is absolutely environmentally friendly.

(3) Simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, suitable for unattended operation, etc. In particular, it has attracted attention for its high reliability.

(4) Good compatibility. Photovoltaic power generation can be used in conjunction with other energy sources, and the photovoltaic system can also be easily expanded according to needs.

(5) The degree of standardization is high, and the components can be connected in series and parallel to meet the needs of different power consumption, and the versatility is strong.

(6) Solar energy is available everywhere and has a wide range of applications.

However, the solar energy system also has its disadvantages, such as: energy dispersion, large intermittent, and strong regionality. Higher upfront costs.

How it works

Brushless DC solar water pump (motor type)

The motor-type brushless DC water pump is composed of a brushless DC motor and an impeller. The shaft of the motor is connected to the impeller. There is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the water pump. After a long time of use, water will seep into the motor and increase the possibility of motor burnout.

Brushless DC Magnetic Isolation Solar Water Pump

The brushless DC water pump adopts electronic components for reversing, no need to use carbon brushes for reversing, and uses high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic bushing. The bushing is integrated with the magnet through injection molding to avoid wear, so the brushless DC magnetic force The life of the type water pump is greatly enhanced. The stator part and the rotor part of the magnetic isolation water pump are completely isolated. The stator and the circuit board part are potted with epoxy resin, 100% waterproof. The rotor part uses permanent magnets. Stablize. Various required parameters can be adjusted through the winding of the stator, and it can operate at a wide voltage.

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