Mining/Ore Processing

Do you need to increase production, improve tailings disposal or maximize water recovery?

We offer extremely robust equipment with long wear life. You’ll get maximum throughput with shorter cycle times. We provide equipment selection solutions – customized according to your usage scenarios and needs.

In the mining industry, our equipment operates safely and reliably, with simple structure, easy installation, simple use and maintenance, small size and small footprint.

As the demand for energy and mineral resources gradually increases, the mining industry will continue to maintain a high growth rate. At the same time, pump technology and manufacturing processes are constantly improving and improving.

Living city construction, agriculture, industry

Our equipment can transport clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. For different residential city construction needs, we can customize it according to your usage scenarios and needs.

Our equipment is efficient, low-noise, and suitable for the residential and urban construction industry. The waterway location has been uniquely treated, which not only prevents corrosion and rust, but also has good wear resistance. It has the characteristics of economical and practical, energy-saving design, reasonable price, easy to set up, install and use.


city ​​sewage

Urban sewage discharge plays an important role in urban environmental protection and production and life. Through scientific use and management, it not only protects people’s living environment and health, but also contributes to social and economic development.

In order to prevent accumulation of urban sewage and poor discharge, wastewater or sewage can be transported from low places to high places for further treatment or discharge. Wastewater can be recycled after treatment, thereby improving production efficiency. Therefore, our equipment needs to have a high discharge capacity to handle corrosive liquids such as wastewater or sewage.


In the petrochemical production process, many physical and chemical processes and mass transfer and heat transfer unit operations are required. Especially in many processing processes such as vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, and coking, the temperature of the material has exceeded its autoignition point. These harsh conditions place strict requirements on the manufacturing, maintenance and personnel quality of petrochemical production equipment. Any small mistake can lead to disastrous consequences.

Our equipment prioritizes materials with maximum chemical resistance. It can transport corrosive media at various temperatures or media with high physical and chemical properties.

Our products follow the principles of economy, safety and applicability. It plays a great role in preventing pollution and improving the environment. We can also provide you with the best selection plan.



Water is the source of life. With the development of the times, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of water resources. Many countries and regions with seawater resources use seawater instead of freshwater as cooling water. Seawater channels need to solve problems such as water intake methods, pre-treatment, anti-corrosion and prevention of adhesion and blockage of marine organisms. After years of research and practice, these technical issues are no longer obstacles to the direct utilization of seawater. The world’s ocean oil and gas reserves are also very rich, and ocean oil and gas production will rise steadily, becoming the source of growth in world oil and gas production.

Due to the high salt content of seawater, our equipment is resistant to corrosion, high pressure and pollution. We can provide specific solutions based on actual situations and tailor them to your usage scenarios and needs.


With the development of motor manufacturing technology, the expansion of the application scope of electric energy, and the rapid growth of the demand for electricity in production, in today’s Internet era, we still have a continuously growing demand for electricity because we have invented more products that use electricity, such as computers and home appliances. The continuous emergence of new technologies makes electricity a necessity for people.

As a very important auxiliary equipment in a power plant, pumps are not only related to the safety of the power plant, but also play a decisive role in the economical operation of the power plant and energy conservation!

In power plants, equipment must provide cooling water to oil coolers, water coolers, generator air coolers, etc. This allows the condensed water to be recycled.