Pipeline pump

Pipeline pump

The slurry pump is a centrifugal pump. The name of the slurry pump is different in each field. Mud pump, dredging pump, sludge pump, slurry pump, mining slurry pump, heavy-duty slurry pump, abrasive slurry pump , sand pumps, gravel pumps, gravel pumps, and desulfurization pumps are all operating modes of slurry pumps and are widely used in various fields. Slurry pumps are designed to move suspended solids, such as sand and gravel particles, through a liquid medium. The design of the pump allows it to increase pressure so that the slurry can move long distances or vertically. Slurry pumps are usually used in river dredging, gold mining, copper ore, iron ore, lead and zinc ore applications. In addition, they are often used in chemical wastewater treatment operations, dilution and transportation of smoke from thermal power plants. Due to different operating environments, slurry pumps include discrete slurry pumps, horizontal slurry pumps, cantilever slurry pumps, hydraulic slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps, etc. Mud pumps can transport viscous and abrasive materials. and high-density mixtures such as slurries in a variety of industrial and mining applications. There are several types of slurry pumps available depending on the application.
  • Deep well pump

    Deep well pump

    The deep well pump is characterized by the integration of motor and water pump, convenient and simple installation and maintenance, and saving raw materials

    Mainly used in building drainage, agricultural drainage and irrigation, industrial water cycle, water supply for urban and rural residents, etc.

  • Solar water pumps (photovoltaic water pumps)

    Solar water pumps (photovoltaic water pumps)

    Advantages: simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, wide range of applications

    It is an ideal green energy system integrating economy, reliability and environmental protection benefits.

  • WQ type non-clogging submersible sewage pump

    WQ type non-clogging submersible sewage pump

    Flow: 8-3000m³/h

    Lift: 5-35m

    It is mainly used in the drainage system of urban sewage treatment plants, sewage discharge in residential areas, etc.

  • ISG, ISW type vertical pipeline pump

    ISG, ISW type vertical pipeline pump

    Flow: 1-1500m³/h
    Head: 7-150m
    Efficiency: 19%-84%
    Pump weight: 17-2200kg
    Motor power: 0.18-2500kw
    NPSH: 2.0-6.0m

  • self-priming centrifugal pump

    self-priming centrifugal pump

    Main advantages: 1. Strong sewage discharge capacity 2. High efficiency and energy saving 3. Good self-priming performance

    Main application places: suitable for clear water, sea water, water, chemical medium liquid containing acid and alkali, and general paste slurry. Mainly used in urban environmental protection, construction, fire protection, chemical industry, electric power, electroplating, papermaking, petroleum, mining, equipment cooling, tanker unloading, etc.