From the design of the slurry pump to the application of the slurry pump in production

From the design of the slurry pump to the application of the slurry pump in production, there are problems and requirements that should be paid attention to. To sum up, there are roughly the following points:
1. The design method should be consistent with the relevant theory
In water conservancy design and field use, because the medium transported by the slurry pump is a solid-liquid mixture, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the solid-liquid mixture during design, and use the two-phase flow theory to design. At the same time, the latest scientific research and theory should be referred to, so that the shape of the slurry pump flow-through component is more similar to the motion trajectory of the slurry, so as to reduce the impact and friction of solid particles on the slurry pump. Thereby reducing wear.
2. Improve the structure of the slurry pump
Adopting reasonable parameters, designing the structure of the slurry pump, and selecting the diameter D of the blade inlet have a great influence on the wear capacity and efficiency. For the parts that are easy to wear in the slurry pump, in addition to improving the theoretical design, the structure should also be improved. The parts in this part should be made as replaceable parts as much as possible. At the same time, in the structural design, it should be better considered. This item is easy to replace.
3. Pay attention to the selection of slurry pump materials
For the selection of pump materials, in principle, the stronger the wear resistance, the better the material. However, when choosing wear-resistant materials, economic and environmental factors should also be considered. On the basis of comprehensive consideration, wear-resistant materials should be selected. , In addition, the use of wear-resistant materials can be considered. For parts that are easy to wear, materials with stronger wear resistance can be selected. For parts that are not easy to wear, the requirements for wear resistance can be reduced. In terms of wear resistance, the shape of the solid particles, as well as the acidity and alkalinity and concentration of the liquid are mainly considered. For those with extremely irregular shapes, materials with high hardness and good wear resistance should be used, such as hard nickel, ceramics, etc. For coating materials and high-chromium cast iron materials, the main factor to be considered in the material selection process is the acidity and alkalinity of the mixture. such as stainless steel.
4. Selection of Sealing Components for Slurry Pumps
The function of the shaft seal is to prevent high-pressure liquid from leaking out of the pump and prevent air from entering the pump. Although the position of the shaft seal in the centrifugal pump is not large, whether the pump can operate normally or not is closely related to the shaft seal. During the use of the slurry pump, the selection of the material of the sealing parts is very critical. The material used has a great relationship with the hardness of the water and the mixture of the slurry pumped on site. It is necessary to fully consider the size determination of the contact area of ​​the sealing parts during operation, the calculation of heat dissipation and wear resistance.

Post time: Mar-01-2022